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We are happy that you are visiting our website.  We try and keep this home page current on the new litters of Goldens and Labs that we have.  We list who the parents are and if we don’t have them pictured here you may browse through our Galleries to view them.  There are puppy Galleries too that show you the quality of pups we have raised through our 30 years of breeding.  We are a Christian family in southeast AZ who got our first Goldens when our oldest son was 2 years old.  Now he is married and has little children of his own, and of course a Golden lived with them too!  Use the “Contact Us” link to speak with us about reserving your puppy!


Under the Contact Us above is a page where you can add your name to a list that will get new puppy announcements as soon as we put them on the site. So if you are wanting a puppy and want to be notified, then please fill out the form and we will add you to the list.

Yellow Lab Litter Born March 23


Our yellow lab male named Jasper fathered a litter with a mother dog named Miah who is a daughter of our Cougar.  The pups were born March 23.  The parents are of course AKC registered and both OFA hip and elbow certified.  We are helping to sell this litter since we had a wait list and both parents are out of our lines.  We are hoping for another yellow litter here at our kennels this fall so anytime you are welcome to get on our wait list with a deposit.  

The Puppies:

Chiappa’s Litter of Golden Retrievers Born Feb 18


Chiappa with Moses produced a nice large litter born Feb 18.  These parents are of course AKC registered and both OFA hip and elbow certified.  The price is $1850.  We sell with the first vaccination, several dewormings, and a microchip.  As has been happening lately the pups are sold out before they are born; however, we keep taking deposits for more like these when more are born.  So continue to call with a $200 deposit to get on the wait list.

The Puppies:

Kimber’s Golden Retriever Litter Arrived Feb 21


Kimber (who is out of our Polar Bear) produced a nice litter with Ruger (a son of Moses).  The pups were born Feb 21-making it a busy Sunday for us!  These Parents are of course AKC registered.  The price is $1850.  We sell with the first vaccination, a microchip, and several dewormings.  As its been lately the pups are spoken for before they are born, so if you would like to speak for one feel free to call me anytime and get on the wait list with a $200 deposit.  

The Puppies:

Wyandotte’s Golden Retriever Pups Born March 5


Wyandotte (who is a daughter of Kodiac), together with Moses produced a small litter of Golden Retriever pups born March 5.   These parents are of course AKC registered, and OFA hip and elbow certified.  The price is $2100.  We sell with the first vaccination, a microchip, and several dewormings.  This litter is already spoken for but feel free to call and get on the wait list for some more pups like these.  

The Puppies:


For Sale

Would you like to try some farm fresh pecans; grown and harvested here by us ? We have a quart size bag priced at $12, and a gallon size bag which holds 3 quarts priced at $32 for the halves and $30 for the quarters.  We keep the pecans fresh by having them in the freezer so if you would like to buy some when you come get a puppy let me know!  We would sell you some even if you don’t buy a pup!  Or we could ship too but this price doesn’t include shipping. Use the contact us link for more information.


Retired Dogs….

Retired Golden Retriever , Retired Labrador Retriever

Are you interested in a Retired Golden Retriever, or a retired Labrador Retriever,  one that is retired from the breeding program, but still has a lot of love to give?  Let us know if that interests you and we will explore some possibilities together.  We have one big requirement that the dog would retire in comfort.    

Become The Satisfied Owner of a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever Companion!

As a long time AZ retriever breeder, we have Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever puppies for sale statewide; including Phoenix, Tucson, Sierra Vista, and surrounding areas.  We also service Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, California and Texas.  We can ship nationwide including  Alaska, and Hawaii.  We will also ship to Canada if requested.  We seek to match you up with the dogs and puppies that will fill your needs.

Family Dogs

As a Golden retriever and Labrador retriever breeder in Arizona, we aim to provide families with suitable canine companions.  Our Golden and Labrador Retriever dogs are raised in a family environment so that they will fit into your family as well as they have into ours.  In the Phoenix and Tucson area we have many satisfied Golden Retriever  and Labrador Retriever customers.

Hunting Dogs

All of our dogs are bred to be potential hunting companions with outstanding field trial and retrieving instincts.  While you may not be an avid hunter, again this showcases the outstanding qualities of our dogs.  Their intelligence, trainability, and athleticism are all qualities that make our dogs ideal companions whether you are out on your latest hunt or just out for a walk with the family.

Chiricahua Retrievers guarantees an active dog that can keep up with the family and compete in the field while creating many memories that would never occur without the family dog.  View our health guarantee link.

Show Potential

How good are the bloodlines that we use in our dog breeding program?  Actually, our dogs bloodlines are of such a high quality that all of our dogs have champions or field trial winners in their pedigrees.  They all come from good bloodlines and could be entered into shows.

Even if you do not plan to enter your golden retriever or labrador retriever  into an actual show, this level of good breeding gives you a dog  that is attractive, social, and healthy.  These are all qualities that are just as desirable in your own home as they are on the show circuit.

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