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Annabelle is doing well. She is 3 and half years old. I was going for a hike and put on a hat. Needless to say she didn’t like my hat and pulled it off. I placed it on her and got a shot. We love her so much and is a joy. Take care. Katherine H


Clover is doing well. This might not be as cute as the other photos in your newsletter but for some reason, she thinks this is a trampoline. Thank You, Alan F
We are so in love.

We are so in love.

My boyfriend & I got our little baby Odin from Sharon & we are so in love! He is so well behaved already at 3 months, & he has the sweetest little personality. Thank you Sharon for being so amazing! We definitely cannot recommend her enough & I look forward to getting plenty of more goldens from Sharon!


He has been so friendly and easy to train. Loves to play and gets tons of attention in the neighborhood. We get compliments all the time about his behavior and how cute he is! I happily recommend your business to them and have never had such a nice dog before.

My First Vet Visit

Jasper - first doctor visit

Dear Sharon,


I was checking out your website last night and saw that you have a new lab litter…Dad is named Jasper.   Coincidentally, I named the pup I adopted from you on March 19th Jasper too!   He is growing like a weed (around 20 lbs now, doubled in size since his 8-week checkup) and is a typical lab pup; curious, smart, loves to eat, etc.  He is graduating from puppy class on Tuesday and has been invited to an intermediate class for another 6 weeks because he learns so quickly!  He is benefiting from the training and meeting new dogs.  After his last shot on 5/15, we will explore the world more weather permitting!


Thanks for allowing me to adopt Jasper!




Irene Topor

Arnie and Shelly Henden

Abbey and Amber with Arnie & Shelly Henden
We are so fortunate to have found Chiricahua Kennels 12 years ago. Abbey is now 12 years old and has been a hospital volunteer therapy dog for over 10 years. Amber is just over one year old and is a perfect playmate for Abbey
We couldn’t be happier with our choices
Shelly and Arnie Sun Lakes AZ 

Sue Wilhelm

Levi with Santa – born 9-6-19 from Polar Bear and Shawntei, puppy #5.


​Here are the rest…

  • #1 Baby Jack…first Golden from Chiricahua Retrievers.  Born August 2007
  • #2 Baby Jack with Hannah
  • #3 Jack
  • #4  and 5 Kate…got her in early 2008, she was older and the last of her litter.  Need to find her papers for exact birth date. Ithink she was nearly 4 months when we got her.
  • #6  this is a recent pic of Kate.  Sweet older lady now.  Sam is always fussing over her…she gets annoyed at times but is very gentle with him…and patient!
  • #7 Jack and Kate in the pool…both loved swimming.  Kate still goes in nearly everyday.  
  • #8  Jack and Kate with Hannah and us…a while ago!
  • #9  Kate, Jack, and Elle (a girl we adopted from the Humane Society)…they are waiting to go swimming.   
We have really enjoyed all of our dogs from you, Sharon.  They have all had happy lives.  


Mocha is fitting in so well!! She loves bed, sofa and lots of walks.


​Hi Sharon,

I just wanted to give you an update on Gunnar. He is doing great and growing. On Thursday he went in for his 12 week check-up and he doubled his weight in 4 weeks and weights 22.2 lbs. He is a good boy, a bit feisty (he’ll bark at you if you aren’t paying attention to him when he wants), but loving. He is almost completely potty trained, every once in a while he can’t hold it. He is smart and already knows when the door bell rings someone is at the door to see him (or so he thinks). He loves to be outside and is very friendly. We love him and are so thankful to have him as part of our family!

The picture with the UA bandana is from Thanksgiving
Dana and Jim Murray

photo by Jami Hadley Photography

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