We have purchased 2 dogs from these breeders. One is 8 months old and the other is 2 months old. I highly recommend going here above all other locations because of their personality, demeanor, and the care they receive as puppies. The owners, Sharon & James have a clean and beautiful area for these dogs.

My family lives in New Hampshire so the process for getting them home is fairly easy. It requires 2 full days, 1 for travel, and 1 for recovery. The requirements for flying these puppies are simple. They need 2 different vaccines which Sharon takes care of and they must be 2 months old. We fly into Tucson around 12-3 PM arrival time. Then we rent a car from the airport and drive the 1 hour 20 min to the Chiricahua Retrievers location. Upon arrival, we go over the paperwork with Sharon or James. This takes roughly 30 min. We then drive to the Phoenix Airport. The drive is roughly 3 hours, not including rest stops for the dog. The reason for the change in the airport is because of the direct flights to major airports on an overnight flight. We fly directly to Boston out of Phoenix which is roughly a 5 hour flight. We take the red eye so the dog sleeps the most of the flight. It takes off between 10-11 PM. In preparation for this flight we stop feeding the dog at 4 pm and give them small amounts of water to keep them hydrated but prevent the constant need for them to use the bathroom. We use Jetblue for our direct flights out of Phoenix. The cost and requirements for flying the puppy is $125 and you have to have a carrier that the dog can stand up and turn around in. Again, the dog has to have its vaccines which you will get a record of from Sharon or James. And the dog must be 8 weeks old. Upon arrival to the destination we take them directly to the dog relief areas in the airport. Then give the dog water and some food. We head home from there. 

Sharon and James are fantastic business owners. They have a personal touch to communicating and are always accommodating to your travel and pickup schedule. We have had an excellent experience working with them. There are Golden Retriever breeders all over the country but we won’t go anywhere else. We will gladly travel the 1700+ miles for these amazing puppies.