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Pat & Theresa Bolster

Pat & Theresa Bolster

He also flushed several coveys of quail.
My husband worked with throwing the dead birds til he figured out he could pick them up. He finds and flushes the bird really well. We also hunted one day with about 17 guys and their dogs. He got along well with all the dogs and wanted to play. But when we started hunting he went right into hunting mode and zig-zagged between me and my husband and never ran off. He did really well and learned so much in 6 days.
He found the bird after my husband shot it. He didn’t want to pick it up because it was still alive so after it ran from him, he caught up with it and put his paw on it to hold it there. He is not really trained yet, however, he is definitely a natural. He gets on the scent, is very smart😜🤗


Cody is a real beauty and he gets compliments wherever he goes. He’s also smart and has brought much joy to our life. His sire was Polar and dam was Rusti. Feel free to use our pictures and comments on your website. Frost McGahey

Perfect Toby

Hi, Sharon,
I thought I’d send you a picture of Toby so you can see what he looks like at 4 months old. He’s getting along well with our senior Lhasa Apso, and they love to chase each other around the house and backyard.
He loves swimming in the pool every chance he can get. He’s doing very well, in fact the vet called him a “perfect specimen” when he went in for his last round of shots on Tuesday! 
Hope you enjoy the picture!
Kristin and Axel

Puppy obedience graduation Grace

Hi Sharon, Here is an update on our Grace, born Dec 7, 2018. She is 6 months old today and graduated yesterday from puppy obedience class and added a S.T.A.R. AKC designation. We are so proud of our gorgeous girl and wanted to share it with you!! Cathy Martell ❤️🐾❤️     Thank you for breeding gorgeous, smart, and super sweet Golden’s with phenomenal temperaments!


Here’s an update on our little guy! He’s getting big fast! Already almost 30 pounds. 


Frankie is doing great! Such a sweet, smart pup. We love her so much and she’s fitting in around here great! We found some desert wildflowers to roll in over the weekend so I thought I’d send you a few pictures 


Hi Sharon, It has been a little over 2 years since we picked Duke up from you! He is such a kind loving, smart, and handsome dog! We get stopped wherever we go and asked where we found such a wonderful dog! He is a true celebrity! We love him so very much! Feel free to add this to your website if you wish! You are a great Golden Retriever breeder and we hugely recommend you!


I’m Mark Purcell, more than three years ago my wife Barb and I welcomed a Golden Pup from you all into our home. I thought I would send you a picture of “Pinky” our dog, feel free to add her to your web page if you like. She was wearing a pink collar when we first met her, so we called her Pinky for short and it just stuck. She is the sweetest, kindest and most lovable dog! Plus she’s got so much personality! We love having her as one of the family. Happy Holidays and thank you!

Lexi-Golden Retriever Pup

Hi Sharon,

I thought I would give you an update after our first week with Lexi. When I tell you that we have not had even one sleepless night with her, that tells the story! For the last 3 nights she has slept right through – from about 9:30 pm to 6:00 am – without so much as a whimper. She sleeps in a pen beside our bed with her toys, so that’s probably why she’s so good!
Our vet said she’s a very healthy pup, good disposition (she’s a Golden, what else would she expect!?)
She’s eating well and already responding positively to going out to do her business. She’s full of energy and loves to play, and will go into her crate voluntarily to play before falling asleep. Then she’ll wake up and come out and lie by my feet – so endearing! OK, she’s not quite perfect, with those razor teeth that get a bit nippy at times, particularly when she gets too rambunctious – usually because she’s overtired. Anyway, we think she is perfect!


Hey Sharon, My husband and I got our Golden Tucker from you almost two years ago now (born October 2016)! I just wanted to let you know he’s one of the best dogs we’ve had, and absolutely gorgeous! He recently became a registered therapy dog, which is unusual for 1.5 years old and speaks to his breeding! Your dogs are amazing and I always recommend you to anyone looking for a loveable family Golden or Lab! Thank you, Mallory Shannon

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